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Bloom´s Taxonomy


learning one language or

one subject in the complex

world of the 21st century?

Educational Storytelling 

Storytelling teaches about the human experience.  Stories engage our thinking, emotions and imagination at once. By participating in the story with both mind and body, we enter the narrative world and react to it.

Throughout history, storytelling has been used to share knowledge, wisdom, and values. Stories have taken many different forms and have been adapted to each successive medium that has emerged, from the circle of the campfire to the silver screen, and now the computer screen. (Digital Storytelling Association, 2011, para. 1)

Content and Language Integrated Learning 

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) describes the process of learning something new, such as economics or geography through the medium of a foreign language and learning a foreign language by studying a content-based subject.


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